Frequently Asked Questions

Candidate FAQ


Q: Can The TBR Group help me?

A: Whether you’re just out of college or a seasoned pro, The TBR Group can help you take the next step in your career. We have a high level of satisfaction with clients and candidates. Some of the companies we recruit for offer the most coveted positions in the sales and medical professions.


Q: Why should I use The TBR Group?

A: We come from a successful background in sales and medical recruiting. The reason for our success is that we know how to match up the right talent with the right career. We also know it takes patience to find a match with which our candidates will be happy for a long time to come. From our initial interview, to enhancing your appeal, to scheduling your appointments, the TBR Group goes the distance for you.

Q: What companies do you recruit for?

A: We recruit for companies ranging from the Fortune 500, to privately held, national companies. We place with companies in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Medical Device, Imaging, Dental, Laboratory, Nursing, Operating Room, Software, Technology, Staffing, among others.


Q: When and how much do I pay The TBR Group?

A: Nothing. Never. The initial interview is a free consultation, and if we move forward with a candidate, the company we place him or her with pays us at the time of hire.


Q: Do the companies you recruit for offer salary and benefits?

A: Yes. All of the companies we recruit for offer competitive base salaries and medical benefits, plus bonuses and commissions, etc. Some offer mileage reimbursement, car allowance, gas card, car, or a combination for a car package. In addition, our clients will have an offer letter that will detail everything in writing prior to a start date.

Q: Can you offer any suggestions on possible interview questions?

A: All of the questions in our interviews are designed to elicit specific, insightful information. We offer constructive criticism of the responses to all our candidates.


Q: What percentage of candidates do you place?

A: Our placement percentage is difficult to pinpoint due to the variety of factors affecting employment: hiring freezes, economic conditions, political climate, etc. Overall, we average approximately 70%. This figure is much higher in certain industries and lower in others. However, as the interview process is a lengthy and uncertain endeavor, we do suggest that you utilize all resources at your disposal to find a career. We make our candidates no guarantees but that we will do our best to place them as quickly and appropriately as possible.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We have offices in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX. Please refer to our ‘Contact Us’ page for more information.

Q: How do I schedule an interview with The TBR Group?

A: You can schedule an interview with us in one of two ways: send your resume (as an attachment) to, or call us directly at 404-250-0412 (Atlanta office) or 214-506-1110 (Dallas office). We look forward to hearing from you!


Q: What markets do you recruit in?

A: Our major markets that we actively recruit in are: Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia Area, Nashville, San Francisco, Bay Area, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Denver, Fresno, Sacramento, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Anaheim, Raleigh, Anchorage, Honolulu, among others. We service all major and secondary markets in the United States. Also, we recruit in the United Kingdom for some clients.

Q: Why do companies use third party agencies for recruiting?

A: Companies that are privately held, to Fortune 500 companies that are well funded, use third party recruiters to assist in different staffing projects from time to time. Many of their internal recruiters are inundated with resumes, and they may reach out to agencies to help augment their internal staffing departments in different markets. Our agreements are usually signed by a key member within a company such as the CEO, VP of Sales, VP of HR, or other key hiring manager. In addition, we offer guarantees on our candidates that they will perform well, or stay a certain amount of days. Otherwise, we have to replace the candidate or fee to our client. Our clients are protected in using our services to them. In addition, we can usually help expedite the interview process by going through us, rather than by yourself when we are working an active job order with a client.

Q; What separates you from other recruiting agencies?

A: We have been doing sales and medical recruiting since 2002. We have key relationships with many different clients, and managers in the United States and the United Kingdom. We can help secure interviews faster with us, than without us. Our background is from the sales and nursing recruiting industry, so we are very keen on not wasting your time or ours. Also, we have literally placed thousands of candidates in sales and medical, so we have the successful recruiting experience to back it up. Many of the opportunities we represent are some of the most coveted positions in the sales and nursing industry.

Q; How long have you been doing recruiting?

A: Since 2002.


Q; How do you know which employer is best for me?

A: Through our successful recruiting experience dealing with our clients, and the vast amounts of candidates we have placed throughout the years in the United States and the United Kingdom. This type of successful experience placing so many candidates, gives us a keen intuition when helping candidates in the interview selection process with different companies. Also, we can help prepare our candidates for the interview process with so much experience working with and placing candidates since 2002.


Q; How do you get your clients?

A: Our clients are typically referred to us from our network of contacts 80/20. Twenty percent is by us reaching out to new clients.